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  • Steck - Ultra Compact PC Case

  • Minimalist, Modern & Modular Design
  • By Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts

  • Flexibility & Expandability
  • Features & Performance

  • Stackable Expansion, Full Length Graphics Card, Standard Components
  • Nouvolo Products

  • Performance & Style Without Compromise

Steck - Ultra Compact PC Case

Minimalist, Modern & Modular Design Gallery

By Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts

Flexibility & Expandability Community Gallery

Features & Performance

Stackable Expansion, Full Length Graphics Card, Standard Components Modular Design

Nouvolo Products

Performance & Style Without Compromise

Ultra Compact Desktop PC Case

Steck is an ultra compact desktop computer case, designed to minimize size, whilst delivering the best performance, supporting industry standard hardware (mini-ITX), and with minimalist and modern aesthetics.

Steck is suitable for a wide range of users including creative professionals, gamers, streamers, YouTubers, programmers and regular computer users who just wants to have the best performance without compromising aesthetics.

Expandable, Flexibile & Performance

Steck is compatible with numerous third party standard computer components, including CPU, motherboard, cooling, power supply, graphics cards and storage.

For enthusiasts who wants to push for extreme performance there is an optional stack unit for liquid cooling, allowing overclocking and more quiet operation.

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Base Unit

Dimension : 315 x 142 x 195+20mm
Storage : 2.5" drives, (A) x1 (B) x2

(A) Graphics : 300(L), 140(H) mm
(B) Graphics : 195(L), 140(H) mm
 double slot : approx. 42mm (W)

Base Unit + Stack Expansion

Dimension : 315 x 142 x 195+20+60mm
Storage : 2.5" drives, (A) N/A, (B) x3

(A) AIO liquid Cooler : 240(L), 60(H) mm
(B) AIO liquid Cooler : 120(L), 60(H) mm
 Side Panels : Tinted Glass Panels x2


Aluminum + Steel

8.7L / 11.2L (base / with stack)

PCIe 3.0 16x, double slot
(riser cable included)


CPU Height Clearance

Power Supply
SFX : 125 x 100 x 63mm

Up to 2x 2.5" HDD (base)
Additional 3x 2.5" HDD (stack)

AIO Liquid Cooler
120 or 240mm type, 60mm(H) with fan



Performance with Full Length Graphics Card

Supports Standard Components & Easy to Install


Find out more in our knowledge base section

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2. Main Structure

3. Cable Management

4. Panels & Completion

5. AIO Liquid Cooling


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Community Gallery


If you are looking for a more affordable Louqe Ghost or Dan A4 style case this is a great option, offering the same layout style with some additional features and customization options.


Flexibility: 10/10
I love the top expansion. In my build, it currently houses a 120mm Noctua fan over the PSU and a modified 140mm noctua fan over the motherboard. It's venting a lot of air to cool that i7-8700K.


Aesthetics: 10/10
... thanks to the flat black color and rounded corners in full force, the Steck does not fail to impress.


Hardware Compatibility: 9/10
CPU: ... plenty of room for larger coolers

GPU: Huge space to accommodate all but the very largest GPUs.


There is not a single sharp edge to be found within the internal and external borders of the parts.


Cable management: 10/10
Best in class. That space behind the PSU is perfect for hiding cables.


The paint job is also a nice blend between flat and textured that is smooth to the touch and a pleasure to look at from afar.