Minimalist, Compact & Performance

Steck is an ultra compact, small form factor (SFF) PC desktop computer case with minimalist and modern aesthetics. It is designed to minimize size, whilst delivering the best performance and supporting industry standard hardware (mini-ITX).

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  • - Supports 2.4x or 3x slots graphics card
    - Supports (up to 320mm) full length graphics card
    - Best in class ventilation :
       supports up to 4x chassis fans
       over 30% increase in mesh area
    - Supports flip over placement with detachable feet

  • - Laser cut (2mm) aluminum panels
    - Secure clip on panels
    - Marshmallow pink color variant is back!
    - Top hat & glass panel options for enthusiasts builds
    - Symmetry is beauty

  • Main unit (basic)

    Ultra compact configuration with support of air cooling only. CPU height clearance up to 72mm. 2.4 or 3 slots, 320mm length GPU support.

  • Top hat (option)

    Single expansion in top or bottom with AIO or custom liquid cooling support with one 240mm radiator

  • Top + Bottom hat (option)

    Double expansion option in top and bottom with liquid cooling support with up to two 240mm radiators

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  • Dimensions

    main unit

    - 339(L) x 158(W) x 249 (H) mm

    - 12.5L (volume)

    top hat (option)

    - 339(L) x 158(W) x 34 (H) mm

    - 1.5L (volume)

    form factor

    - mini-ITX / SFX power supply / 1 x 2.5" hdd

    - up to 4x chassis fans (120mm/15mm height)

  • Clearance

    GPU Clearance

    - Up to 320mm length
    - Up to 63mm width (3 slots) or
    - Up to 48mm width (2.4 slots)

    CPU Height Clearance

    - Up to 59mm (3 slots) or
    - Up to 75mm (2.4 slots)

  • Cooling

    Air cooling

    - Up to 75mm height cooler

    Liquid cooling
    - top hat required
    - AIO 1x240mm or
    - Custom liquid cooling with up to 2x 240mm radiator (30m height) with 2x top hats

    : users should check specific motherboard component clearance for fitting. Custom modular power cables recommended

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Support & Installation

Please visit our Steck support page for installation prcoedures of different moudles.

Steck Installation