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Aquanaut [Combo/Extreme]

Aquanaut supports DDC Laing compatible pumps

Video installation guides are available on our YouTube Channel

Aquanaut Combo

Aquanaut Extreme

Beware NOT to overtighten the screws and apply uneven pressure on to the blocks.

Tighten each screw gradually in turn and stop forcing the screws in when they refuses to go further in, or the blocks touch near the screw locations.

Note it is normal for a small gap between the blocks due to the O-rings.

Aquanaut supports M4 (threaded) screws for pump mounting. Most screws that come with DDC pumps should be M4.

In case the original screw threads do not match, please obtain your own M4 screws. Screw length depends on your pump height.

- Do not use alcohol to clean acrylic
- Use a mixture of water and dish soap to clean acrylic/POM
- Use a soft brush (gently) to clean out gunk from fins

You can also refer to :

We recommend using the in-port as the (default) fill port, where head pressure should be lower. Note the in-ports are on the same side as the notch indicator.

Head pressure is much higher on the out-port and may cause water over flow. However it can still be used as fill port, depending on your loop configuration. The main deciding factor is to find a low head pressure point in your loop.

We recommend radiators with multi ports, e.g. Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 240mm radiator V.2. The extra ports can serve as fill port for the loop and no reservoirs will be needed. However please note that for such setups more patience is required to fill and bleed the loop, as with all SFF custom loop builds.

Please ensure that all bubbles are remove from the loop. Air pockets in the loop can noticeably affect the flow rate.

Please ensure that all bubbles are removed from the loop. Popping noise is often caused by bubbles travelling inside the loop.

Orientation of Aquanaut is limited to how all DDC pump works. Please refer to diagram below:


Borg is a bare PC case. It is compatible with numerous hardware components in the market. You can choose the hardware that best suits you needs from many merchants such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Borg supports the following graphics cards dimensions:

  • Length : 210mm (mini card)
  • Width : 42mm (double slot)
  • Height: 145mm

You can download the installation manual here.

The standard Borg package comes with a full set of panels, including the top panel. It is the same color as the case body itself. So you are already good to go with the standard Borg package offering.

You are not required to get the Borg + addon bundle unless you want to mix and match different color top panels.

Address RGB lighting is included with Borg. Lighting can be adjusted by remote control (also included). It also supports most major motherboard with addressable RGB (5V, 3 pin) headers.

The RGB lighting is suitable for both RGB lovers and minimalists. Plain and non-animated lighting can be also be set.

User should place the remote control receiver near the sides (or top) of the case to avoid signals being blocked by other hardware components.

Borg does not require a PCIe riser card. Graphics cards are plugged directly on to the motherboard, so PCIe support is dependent on the motherboard you use.


Nouvolo is currently selling Steck as a bare PC case only. Steck is compatible with numerous hardware components in the market. You can choose the hardware that best suits you needs from many merchants such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Yes, you can use the Steck base unit as standalone. You will need to use air cooling for the CPU.

You can find the build / installation instruction in our Youtube channel.

We officially support 2 stack units for each base unit, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Multiple stacks may be possible, and we are happy for user to explore different mods and configurations.

Accessories / Cables

This is often caused by sub par standard HDMI cables. Please make sure you have a certified HDMI cable, refer below for supported resolution and refresh rates:

  1. Check for motherboard firmware updates
  2. Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers
  3. If issue occurs only in specific condition, e.g. in certain games, please check with software/game developer or their community forum for possible bugs or updates

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