Collection: Steck - Small Form Factor (SFF) PC Case

Aesthetics & Performance Without Compromise

Update: Users feedback confirm support for the following RTX 3000 series cards:

- RTX 3070 FE / 3080 FE / EVGA 3080 XC3

Steck is a Minimalist Small Form Factor SFF,  Sandwich Style, PC desktop computer case that supports custom PC builds for a wide range of uses. Steck offers a base unit and an optional stack expansion unit.

    Base unit

    The base unit is designed for air cooling with the best in class CPU height clearance of 70mm. There is no compromise for performance with support of full length, 300mm (L), double slot, 40-43mm (W) graphics cards. A single base unit can support up to 2 stack expansion units (1 top and/or 1 bottom).

    Stack unit

    Each stack expansion unit adds 60mm height overall to the case, and can house (240mm) AIO Liquid Cooler with 25mm height fans.

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