Collection: Borg - Small Form Factor (SFF) Cube PC Case

Symmetry is Beauty

Minimalist, small form factor (SFF) PC desktop computer case. Clean and highly symmetrical cube design with support of high performance computing with standard PC hardware. It is suitable for a wide range of uses including media creation, gaming, streaming, media center, and even for general use.

Cool By Asetek

We have worked closely with Asetek in the development of Borg. We are happy to announce that Borg has full support for Asetek 645LT and it is our recommended go to option for AIO Liquid Cooling. 645LT is a powerful AIO liquid cooling in a tiny package. This allows Borg to have room for extra chassis fans, and to deliver superior thermal and acoustic performance.

  • Borg - SFF Desktop Cube PC Case
  • Borg - Top Panel add-on