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AJAZZ AKS068pro Alice Gasket Mechanical Keyboard

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  • Alice layout + rotary knob
  • ABS housing
  • Gasket Mount Structure
  • VIA programmable
  • Hot swappable, Flex cut South Facing RGB, Flex cut PC Plate
  • Padding : poron plate foam, IXPE foam, PET film, silicone base foam
  • Connectivity : USB-C / 2.4G / Bluetooth (3000mAh) 
  • Assembled : With Sea Salt (linear) switches and PBT keycaps

Sea Salt Switch

  • Type : Linear
  • Operating Force : 40±10g
  • Bottoming Force : 45±10g
  • Pre Travel : 2.0±0.4mm
  • Total Travel : 3.5±0.4mm

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