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Tacworks TAC K1 Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard Barebone

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Limited Production Item, buy while stock lasts!

This is NOT a Group Buy or Pre-order. If we are out of stock at the time of your purchase, we will cancel your order and issue full refund. Ship out about 7-10 working days after order is placed.

  • 65% layout (67 keys) barebone
  • Case material : 6063 CNC Aluminum (anodized / e-coat)
  • Structure :  Gasket mount
  • Hot swappable 1.2mm PCB, south facing RGB
  • Horizontal flex cut FR4 Plate, padding foam set
  • Weight Bar : Uniquely stylized (refer to product photos)
  • DIY kit : requires assembly
  • Wired : USB-C (VIA support)
  • Tri-Mode Wireless : USB-C / 2.4G / Bluetooth (3100mAh) (custom software support)


  • (Anode) Silver, Space Grey
  • (Ceramic Coating) Milky White, Wheat Green, Pink, Purple, Caramel, Green
  • Full product images : Photo Album

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