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Glass Panel - Add on for Steck

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Add on for Steck are custom accessories made specifically for the Steck main unit. This tinted glass panel is an optional side panel that replaces the original Steck metal mesh side panel.

This expansion is only recommended for those who are also using the top hat expansion with liquid cooling. Please note that glass panels will block air flow on the sides and may affect thermal performance. We strongly advise against using glass side panels for air cooling builds.

You can purchase the Steck main unit on its product page.


  • Requires Steck main unit (version 2.0)
  • Tempered & tinted glass side panels with top and bottom aluminum mounting frame
  • Use : Aesthetics, RGB lighting


  • Version 2.0 (not compatible with version 1.x)
  • Dimensions : 343 x 156 x 8mm
  • Weight : 0.5kg
  • Material
    • (frame) 2mm thick aluminum
    • (glass) 3mm thick tempered glass


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