Shipping policy


Nouvolo charge upfront for all purchases, including pre-orders and will only be shipped once payment is wholly received.

Nouvolo offered prices don't include shipping costs, duties, import taxes, and/or related fees, unless stated explicitly otherwise in the specific product offer.

Shipping dates are given as estimates and actual product can arrive before or after such dates.

To protect the Buyer and the Seller, after the goods have been shipped, based on the shipping information as recorded at the time of purchase, Nouvolo will not make changes to divert the delivery. Buyers are reminded to ensure that the shipping information provided is correct. Buyers can contact the Seller to make changes before the goods have been shipped.

Seller will only deliver to the shipping address in the order record and is not responsible for any losses for Buyer's direct intervention to the delivery process, including but not limited to giving direct instruction to the delivery agent for change of delivery arrangement.