Thank you, and the party goes on at Nouvolo! (@Kickstarter)

As this campaign is coming to an end we would like to thank all who have supported us by backing this project. It has been an amazing journey from our initial design, testing to production and finally launching Steck here on Kickstarter. And this journey is definitely not ending yet, we will move on to sell Steck on our own online store and we will continue creating new products. We welcome you to join us on this endeavor and support our development.

After this campaign expires (27 Mar 2019), you will be able to order Steck directly from our online store at, with the same offer that you can find here (no discount codes required). Furthermore, to show our appreciation to your support, Steck backers will be entitled to a lifetime 10% discount on future Nouvolo products. You just need to provide your backer name and pledge # at the time of ordering, and we will add you to the list. We are going to start shipping from the beginning of Apr 2019, and we estimate that your orders should be delivered to you by end of Apr 2019. So there is little difference from getting the product from here, if this campaign was to go through. 

Although we may all wanted and preferred this campaign to go through, it really doesn't matter. Nouvolo team is totally positive about this experience. We wouldn't have the opportunity to reach out to some of you if we didn't put Steck on Kickstarter.

You can still contact us on, and we will see you over at :)