Special Announcement - We are going to ship! (@Kickstarter)

We are delivering no matter what the outcome is from this Kickstarter campaign. In case this campaign does not go through, we have the following arrangements for our backers and interested buyers.

Extended Special Offer (20% discount) - Post Kickstarter

We are now going to extend our special offer as soon as the campaign here ends, directly on our website www.nouvolo.com. You can use this special offer link, https://www.nouvolo.com/discount/steck-launch or enter discount code "steck-launch" at check out. This extended offer will last for 2 weeks until 10 Apr 2019. We have Steck in stock and we will start shipping out from our Hong Kong warehouse at the beginning of April 2019.

Lifetime 10% Discount Offer - For Steck Kickstarter Backers

We thank you for backing this project. And to show our appreciation for your support, in case that this project does not go through, we will offer backers of this Steck project to get an additional lifetime 10% discount on all future Nouvolo products.

To be entitled / register for Lifetime 10% discount:

  • Backer of this Steck project, with a valid backer # (not canceled)
  • This Steck project goes through OR a buyer of Steck on our website with the "Extended Special Offer"
  • To register, buyer on our website needs to provide us with purchase reference, Kickstarter backer name and #.
  • This discount offer does NOT apply on top of current "Extended Special Offer"

If you want this offer, do NOT cancel your pledge!

Thank you again for your support. Nouvolo will carry on developing new products. Please check our website regularly for any updates or new product launches. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us via message system on Kickstarter.