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Does Steck support RTX 3000 series cards?

What hardware specification is included with Steck?

Is Steck a Windows or Mac machine?

How do I install the Steck?

I have issues with the magnetic strips - How to fix?

After installation the front panel bulges out. Quality Issue? NO!

Can I use the Steck without the stack unit?

How does the graphics card connect to the motherboard back to back?

What kind of CPU cooling do you recommend?

How many different sizes of stack units are there?

How many stack units can I install on to a Steck?

Are there any connector (I/O) ports?

Does Steck support RGB?

I want to order custom cables, what are the measurements?


How to install Borg?

What color top panels does the standard Borg come with?

How does the RGB work on Borg?

What PCIe standard does Borg support?

What operating system does Borg support?

Why the cube?

PCIe Riser Cable

[GEN 4] - Screen is black. And I am using HDMI.

[GEN 4] - I am getting screen artifacts

[GEN 4] - It doesn't work for me, I want to return the product

[GEN 3 - discontinued] I have graphics issues with a specific game/software

[GEN 3 - discontinued] - What graphics cards does the riser cable support?

Aquanaut - CPU + Pump Water Block

How to install Aquanaut?

How to best tighten the screws for Aquanaut?

The original screws that come with the pump do not fit Aquanaut

Which motherboards are supported?

There is no fill port?

What pumps are supported?

What radiators do you recommend?

Flow rate is low

The loop makes a lot of noise

Is there limit to the orientation of Aquanaut in the system?



Where can I buy Nouvolo products?

Do the prices include VAT/GST?

Why do some product prices include VAT/GST for some regions/countries?

Where do you ship to?

Shipping is not available for my country/region. How can I order?

I want to change my shipping address

When is my order going to arrive?

When do you ship after order is placed?

Customs is charging me crazy amount for tax, what should I do?


How can I be a reseller?